Contribute to our Artist-led Activity Research Guide!

As part of a commission by RBKC, we will be producing a guide to artist-led activity in the borough, looking at who, what and where as well as the various methods used to organise artist-led activity. This research takes its cue from a similar project we completed as group+work in 2011 for the Emerge Art Activist Commission, where we produced ‘Live Work Learn Create’ a PDF guide to setting up an artist-led space, covering self-organisation, co-operation, collaboration as well as the challenges of finding a space. You can also listen to our two podcasts on co-operatives and issues around regeneration! To read the guide click here.

The group+work publication on arts and artist-led activity in RBKC will include a guide to setting up and running an artist-led space, with thematic sections for community engagement and participation, funding and precarity in the arts, as well as reflections from our own project space Latymer Projects.

If you are interested to contribute or find out more about our research, please email us on info[at]group-work[dot]org


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