Edges by Anna Chrystal Stephens // Carla Wright // David Spraggs

Exhibition open - Thursday 7th - Tuesday 12th June
Opening - Wednesday 6th June 6pm - 9pm

Edges is an exhibition of three artists currently working with convergent themes concerning our built environment and the communities that exist within and around the city. The exhibition will develop as a presentation of film, photography and drawing which engages with the relationship between the planning and production of architectural and social spaces, and the lived experience of those spaces. The artists' approaches move between critical and exploratory using a mixture of methods which include archival based work, visual research, documentary and participant observation.

The work shown together creates a kind of tension between the distanced, analytical and proactive, hands on approaches; perhaps akin to the tension you see when the reality of the city-dwellers interrupts the smooth lines of modernist architecture.

Accompanying the exhibition will be two events; a discussion group and a children's workshop. The discussion group will be based around a section of the book 'The Coming Insurrection' on the structure of communes, which will be led by artist David Spraggs. The children's workshop will take place on Family Day, inspired by themes in the exhibition and led by artists Anna Chrystal Stephens and Carla Wright.


The Coming Insurrection Discussion Group – Sunday 10th June 4pm

Children's Living Structures Workshop - Saturday 9th June 12 - 2pm

All ages welcome


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