ARID HOUSE PRESENTS…Visual Experimentation and Research into the Field of Analogue Viewing

Visual Experimentation and Research into the Field of Analogue Viewing is the first public presentation of a new body of work by Arid House. On display will be several specially created devices for image production, projection and viewing. Developed over the last few months, these new technologies are accompanied by research led, infographic documents that offer an insight into their workings and origins.

The devices present a snapshot of the outcomes of this first phase of the investigation. Visual Experimentation… is a double-sided fiction, encompassing both the creation of the images and the physical manipulation acting upon them. The devices act as separate objects, between mediums, displaying concentrated moments in their own space located somewhere between the clarity of the photographic image and the mystification of non-linear moving image.

This is a modern show made using modern materials, integrating both digital and analogue technology. The devices are designed to emphasise processes and the tangible quality of the media, and eschew nostalgia for the past. The process of accumulation of information during the investigation reflects this - a nod to the basement science fanatics sharing their own insights and the mass of libraries, records and accounts that are now accessible to millions online.

The presentation opens at Latymer Projects on the 31st of May 6-9 and continues 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June.

Made possible by the kind support of Winsham United Charities.

About Arid House: Arid House is a collaboration between Andrew Bever, James Fuller and Faysal Mroueh. They have exhibited large-scale Installation work in the UK and abroad, including participation a residency opportunity together in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2010. Most recently they exhibited a new series of prints at the Soup Lab, Norwich in May 2012 and were finalists in the Signature Art Prize in 2011.

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