The Coming Insurrection Discussion Group – Sunday 10 June 4pm

To coincide with the Edges exhibition, Latymer Projects will be hosting a discussion around "The Coming Insurrection" written by The Invisible Committee.

Facilitated by David Spraggs, the discussion group will aim to explore what themes raised by the text have to offer us in our own circumstances. The key themes of the text are resistance and 'what is to be done?'

We will start at 4pm with a very brief introduction to the session followed by an open discussion, after which we can all have a cup of tea!

We invite you to read the text and come along for the session, which will be open to everyone to discuss their own position or projects or thoughts on the themes and the text. We will be reading sections "Get going!" and "Find each other!"

Click here to download a PDF of the sections we will be reading

Alternatively, the full is available online here:

Please let us know if you plan to attend by emailing info[at]group-work[dot]org


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