UPDATE: Latymer Projects closed in July 2012 due to scheduled demolition of the building as part of regeneration plans for the area Read More

Latymer Projects is a newly opened artist-led project space in West London, which supports recent graduates, emerging artists and those returning to practice after a break. Initiated by group+work, Latymer Projects operates under the common values of self-help, shared responsibility, democracy and equality within a creative and supportive community.

Latymer Projects will host a diverse programme of events and projects including exhibitions, workshops, research residencies, critical feedback & practice development sessions, film screenings, reading groups, with a commitment to shared learning, knowledge exchange and investigating alternative methods for art production.

Latymer Projects will be based at 154 Freston Road close to Latimer Road Station, in what used to be a daycare centre for the community. The projects will focus on tapping into the existing local creative community and developing a strong network of artists, supporting local and emerging art practice. As a group we are also very engaged with the issue of regeneration in the local area and the role of the artist in society within this complex urban process.

If you would like to be involved in any of our projects whether organising events & exhibitions, facilitating workshops and discussions, or in the day-to-day organisation of Latymer Projects please contact us at info[at]group-work[dot]org.

Live Work Learn Create are registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee, trading under the name 'group+work', company no. 7892757


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